5 senses stimulated in a newly discovered cooking mythology at Tlaga Singha

November 15, 2021


5 senses stimulated in a newly discovered  cooking mythology at Tlaga Singha

Bali tourism has given the opportunity to the food connoisseurs across the globe to explore the source of the indigenous cuisines to include Indonesian culinary heritage. Foods from diverse countries flock together to enrich the dining ritual of the island’s visitors. The tourism destination island has brought them to lifestyle food that excites worldwide travelers’ interests, especially the food critics to know more about what they eat daintily and taste the flavors consciously.

A newly relaunched pool day club, Tlaga Singha Tropical River Club, in Singapadu, south of Ubud-Bali, a world-class socialite lifestyle and dining destination, our General Manager, Gede Sudarmadiasa, an independent food outlet operation expert, in harmonious synergy with the Chef in his seasoned experiences, I Nyoman Wijana, an Indonesian food specialist and his cook squad constantly carry out some experiments to create a few signature delicacies to catch up with the food trend even fusion food, which is like a never-ending growing fashion, cooked with the finest tropical spices in freshly different flavors.

More interestingly the chef applies a new dimension in a lately discovered five-sense cooking mythology to present fusion foods that invigorate the foodies’ sensory digestive system with something new. It was inspired by the company thematic tagline,” enliven your senses.” It specifically combines Indonesian food and Italian cuisine, the naturally sourced tropical kinds of stuff for food coloring, blending with Pizza. It is uniquely cooked on an open fire and beautifully presented to make you drool with its tasteful aroma. It is worth a try to thrill your taste buds.

Apart from that, the beautifully designed exteriority surely will win your admiration. The river club’s vibrant ambiance with the scenic riverside nature is as alluring as “the must-try signature delicacies,” the mouthwatering contemporary cuisines. I believe the foods would talk louder. A perfect place to host a joyously social dining ritual for your loved one, family, coworkers, and besties to fashion a unique dining experience that awakens your senses.  Five Senses of Calzone Pizza

An Italian folded pizza cooked on an open fire with dough coloring in five different colors; green made of the extracted moringa leaves. Red from the extract beetroot. Yellow from turmeric. These indigenous plants contain medicinal herbs with great curing properties. Good for health though. Black made of bamboo charcoal powder. White is the color for the base from the wheat flour. In addition to its uniqueness, the five different topping tastes deliciously adorn its presentation to enrich its flavors that tempt your senses.


  1. BBQ sauce, Paprika, mushroom, onion, oregano, and cheese
  2. Tomato concasse, fresh tomato, oregano, basil, and cheese
  3. Garlic galanga seasoning, chicken fillet, sambal matah and cheese
  4. Chili sauce, red snapper fillet, oregano and cheese
  5. Sweet sour sauce, chicken sausage, oregano and cheese

Served with green garden salad, chili and tomato sauce. Sambal matah is a Balinese traditional chili sauce that becomes so popular spicy side dish among the indigenous people to have in their meals religiously that make them perspire a lot. That is how the locals enjoy their dining rituals.

Five Senses Pizza

Five senses cooking mythology has deeply inspired our chef squad to intensify their creativity in fashioning Pizza dough with five different themed colors. Those colors are made from the same naturally sourced fresh stuff as those used for the five senses of Calzone Pizza. The tasteful toppings surely indulge your appetite to yield a truly dining ritual in a tropical vibe of artistic exteriority. It is a new dining dimension to explore.

TOPPING: BBQ sauce, tomato concasse, chicken fillet, paprika, mushroom, onion, oregano, mozzarella cheese, and garlic oil. Served with green garden salad, chili, and tomato sauce.

Those two Pizzas, Five Senses of Calzone Pizza and Five Senses Pizza, are specially created with the characters of their five different color doughs on one platted Pizza presentation that makes them different from other Pizzas. At this stage, the distinctive difference between the two is only the toppings to suit your favoritism. You may try either one or even both to treasure your social gatherings. Enjoy every single slice with its own color and tantalizing toppings to conjure up your dining fantasy life and let them turn your dining ritual at Tlaga Singha into storytelling.

We also offer some other delicious menus to include Indonesian culinary heritage recipes, Nasi Goreng, Bebek Betutu, Pizza Sambal Matah, etc., that you can explore further at Tlaga Singha Tropical River Club. Get the complete menu, click Tlaga Singha Menu. For reservation, please contact WhatsApp +62 82 260 070 072 or drop an email to